Additional Bird Related Solutions/Services

Products and Services

We offer a complete set of products and services which allows us to deliver integrated solutions to complex bird related issues. Our portfolio of Products and Services also includes:

Bird Spike Systems

Bird spikes are used on buildings and structures to eliminate the roosting and nesting surfaces of pest birds. Birds avoid landing on spikes as humans avoid walking on a bed of nails. These spikes are not lethal, just extremely irritating, intimidating, and uninviting. Bird spikes provide a low-profile method of keeping birds off of such things as Window Ledges, Beams, Roofs, Air Conditioners and Chimneys.

Electric Shock Systems

Electric shock systems are unique electrically charged tracks that give birds a mild electrical shock when they land on them. The shock will not harm birds, but will condition them to avoid areas where the track is installed. Electric tracks are the ultimate in Bird Behavior Modification. These systems with a profile which is only ¼ inch high are very flexible and are excellent when addressing bird issues associated with signs and curved surfaces.

Bird Wire Systems

Bird Wire Systems create an unstable landing area for pigeons, seagulls and larger birds.

Bird Slide/Slope Systems

Bird Slope are deployed in certain situations where an anti-perching, anti-roosting, deterrent is required. They humanely block birds from landing on surfaces by creating a slick slope that birds can not on. This type of system can effectively work with most types of birds.

Bird Netting Systems

Bird Netting Systems exclude birds from areas such as Courtyards, Canopies, Signs, Warehouses, Airplane Hangars and Parking Garages. The netting used is nearly invisible and comes in to blend with the structure.

Sound Device Systems

Sound Device systems scare birds away using distress calls, predator calls and ultrasonic sounds.

Laser Systems

Lasers are a well established method of harassing and deterring birds.

Visual Deterrents

Visual deterrents employ the use of motion, light, sound and water to scare birds away.


Trapping can play an important role when dealing with nuisance birds especially when pest birds find there way into enclosed structures. We utilize a complete line of professional bird traps in a variety of sizes to accommodate the species of pest, the size of the flock, and the location of where the trap is going to be placed.