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Hello, I am Joe Kosakowski, Co-owner of WildLife Control Specialists. Established in 2007, we provide bird control, bird removal solutions, specializing in falconry-based bird abatement and goose control solutions. We offer effective bird control nationwide.

I am a Master Falconer who can assist with any bird-abatement needs at any location in the U.S. I operate out of New Jersey with my team of licensed Falconers.

Whatever bird problem you are having, we can handle it. There is nothing too unusual or challenging. Whether it’s one bird or thousands of birds affecting your home or place of business, Wildlife Control Specialists can offer you a solution.

The Problem

Large numbers of birds in and around equestrian facilities can cause damage and unsanitary conditions. Birds consume and contaminate food and water, and potentially transmit diseases to livestock and humans. Also, accumulated droppings can corrode farm equipment. Nests often plug drains and gutters, and birds can cause additional damage by destroying insulation.
In some cases, birds become fiercely protective of their home and attack people and horses in the stable. Starlings, in particular, are known to dive-bomb riders and horses when they are riding, scaring both the riders and the horses.

Our Solutions

Our programs are designed to significantly reduce the number of birds in the short-term and then maintain populations at or below target levels. Wildlife Control Specialists utilizes a wide variety and combination of techniques for controlling the bird populations associated with Equestrian centers. Starlings, in particular, are known to dive-bomb riders and horses when they are riding, scaring both the riders and the horses.

Our Techniques for Controlling Bird Populations at Equestrian Centers

  • Falconry Based Bird Abatement (FBBA)

    Addressing bird-related issues is never a simple task. Although there is no “silver bullet,” the FBBA far surpassed all other techniques. Falconry works because pest birds are "hard-wired" to be terrified of raptors - falcons and hawks, which are their natural enemies. Pest birds never get acclimated to raptors, while they often get used to other harassment techniques, such as propane cannons, shotguns, or recorded calls.

    When a raptor appears in an indoor riding rink or barn, birds immediately leave. Similar to the reaction swimmers in the water at the beach have when someone yells “shark,” everyone leaves the water. The hawks and falcons are the “sharks” used to signal birds that yours is not a bird-friendly facility.

  • Mist Nets

    When placed in flight paths, the pest birds are captured in nets and subsequently removed.

  • Lasers

    The high power portable green lasers are a highly effective tool designed to be used between dusk and dawn, primarily to deny the targeted birds their desired roost. Forcing birds to a different overnight roost usually means that they go somewhere else to forage for food during the day.

  • Traps

    We utilize a complete line of professional bird traps in a variety of sizes to accommodate the species of pest, the size of the flock, and the location of where the trap is going to be placed.

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