About Us

About Us

Wildlife Control Specialists, LLC has been providing “Green” (non-lethal) nuisance wildlife solutions to Residential, Governmental & Commercial Clients for over 15 years. Over this period of time, we had extensively studied the behaviors of the various animal species and birds that create problems for clients, and have developed a portfolio of very effective techniques for dealing with our clients’ wildlife related issues.

Our Falcons2 Division focuses exclusively on dealing with Bird related issues.

We have the required Federal and State Permits needed to address bird related issues; on staff licensed personnel; and professionally trained hawks, falcons and dogs which we utilize to deliver outstanding results for our clients.

For an additional information visit us at www.falcons2.com

For questions and/or an assessment of your bird related issues call us at (888)-758-6572.

For South Jersey Seagull specific questions and/or an assessment call Paul at 609-226-7376.


Our family-owned company provides humane and environmentally responsible techniques to solve wildlife related problems. Our Falcons 2 Division focuses specifically on “Bird” related issues.

We launched our business on February 7, 2007, and have run it since based upon the following principles:

Friends & Family

We strive to treat all of our clients as if they were friends and family. Offering courteous and respectful service at competitive rates. We also take the time with those who consider using our services to share our experience by answer any questions they might have, and providing them with the advice and knowledge they need to make decisions that are best for them.

Continuous Process Improvement

There is just so much you can learn about a “Specialty” like Wildlife Control from reading books and attending training sessions and seminars. Since the beginning, we have focused on continually refining our techniques based upon field related experiences ensuring that we continue to be a best practice leader when it comes to solving Wildlife Related issues.

Green Solutions

We have a high level of respect for Wildlife, and understand that situations occur where Wildlife create problems for humans. Our commitment is to resolve the conflict in a non-lethal way.

Utilizing Falcons to address Bird related Problems is highly regulated by the US Fish and Wildlife Service. In addition to Company Co-Founder Joe Kosakowski who is a Master Level Falconer, we have 3 additional full-time employees who are falconers, as well as 10 part-time employees who are license falconers that we use to staff our FBBA Projects.

About Joe

Joe is:

  • One of less than 5,000 individuals in the United States who are licensed to practice Falconry.
  • Past President of the New Jersey Falconry Club and currently serves as the Northeastern Regional Director of the North American Falconers Association (NAFA) representing the nine states stretching from Pennsylvania to Maine.
  • One of less than 100 falconers in the United States who hold a Federal Falconry Based Bird Abatement (FBBA) Permit
  • One of 22 Falconers in the United States who hold a Federal Permit allowing them to offer Falconry Experiences.
  • An active Raptor Banded who traps, bands, releases, and submits relevant data to the Federal Government for use in addressing Raptor related conservation issues.
  • Participates in the Peregrine Fund’s Kestrel Partnership having installed 18 Kestrel Nest Boxes that he monitors and reports to the Partnership on activity related data essential to helping halt the declining numbers of this little falcon.
  • Is on call to both local and state law enforcement when they need help with picking up injured raptors and taking them to a rehabilitator.